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, mitt romney is going to speak only for his corporate funders and the dirty energy empires that many of them run doing what he has to keep the pipelines of oil and campaign cash flowing. and that includes pandering to the far right who shout u.s.a. rather than confronting this frightening reality that we have entered a new normal in which everyday life is punctuated by frequent and intensifying natural climate disasters. and the megaphone of this fringe wing fox news, keeps reinforcing that message. >> where's the proof? these global warming claims have been debunked time and time again. >> you know what the problem is? there's more people living at the shore so there are more impacts. this is nothing to do with global warming. >> you can pretty much predict moments after a catastrophe global warming freaks will link it to global warming. >> next five to ten years we're probably going to see more storms around the eastern seaboard. has nothing to do with global warming. >> jennifer: that is deliberately dece
odd in the debates when energy policy was discussed, which was obviously linked deeply to climate because it is energy that is the main source, the way we use it, the fossil fuels, the way we use it is the main source of climate change even then neither candidate took the opportunity to explain these realities. so our political system has been broken for a while. the american public is realizing, of course, what the scientist versus long known. but now that we feel week by week month by month that the climate is changing and it's changing dangerously even before hurricane sandy, we were already in a period that was record warm for the united states, record drought in modern decades. that had not shaken the case. my answer is i hope so, but the political system has been pretty impervious to this up to now. >> jennifer: i think we should call for a new manhattan project, a national energy plan. i would be curious to know, if you had to say the top three things that should be in the national energy plan, briefly what would it include. >> i'll put in one we need to move to a low carbo
. it has a huge amount of moisture. it has a huge amount of energy that goes into the winds. how does this happen? every climate scientist knows perfectly well that when you have global warming you get more evaporation over the oceans lots more moisture in the air. when that happens you get heat in the oceans. heat transfers in storms into winds. the energy of the heat goes into the energy of the winds. the fact that we have this is a normal thing to happen when you have global warming. it is going to happen but you don't know exactly when and you don't know exactly where and you don't know exactly how big. but you do know these things are happening and they're going to happen. >> jennifer: so the purpose of this conversation is to convey to people, progressives who know that there is a causal link to be clear about it. to not be fudging about it. be clear. there is a systemic causation that links human activity and climate change to these huge weather events. >> right. systemic causation, we have a name for it.
and whether the hospitals need a substantial infusion of back up energy, evacuating women who are in labor should not happen no matter what the cataclysm is. that will bring a lot of attention. what is going on in new jersey. we spoke with the mayor of tomorrow's river before. he was talking about gas leakage. what do you know about that? that is something that continues to create dangerous situations. >> oheroh definitely. a lot of people are worried about the aftermath. our crews have been down there on the coastal areas of new jersey. you can hear the hissing from the natural gas eliot. it's very, very scary. obviously this morning it sparked several fires after the homes come down or get swept away, then you have natural gas lines that are open. they're worried about more explosions happening throughout the coming days. a lot of people have been saying they hear the hissing and smelling the gas smell. then you look at the homes that are still underwater in new jersey. there are thousands of people trapped in different areas in hoboken they're going door to door and it could be days bef
wants to go to 100% renewable energy in saudi arabia! and then he says okay, obviously we're going to sell the oil to the rest of the world. while we go to renewable energy. meanwhile, here in the u.s., while we should be leaning toward renewable energy, we've got two guys competing over who can drill for more oil. the world is turned upside down. in this way, saudi arabia playing the biggest joke on the world on us and dropping the elbow straight on top of our heads. saying ha ha! we got you hooked on our oil! meanwhile, we're going to renewable energy. unbelievable! we gotta turn around before it's too late. all right. everybody, thank you so much for watching us
... [ chef ] ma'am [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup. the natural energy of peanuts and delicious, soft caramel. to fill you up and keep you moving, whatever your moves. payday. fill up and go! >> jennifer: hurricane sandy continues to wreak havoc in the east, and we are spending our prayers there. the associated press have reported that two people have died from fallen trees in new jersey, others have died in maryland, pennsylvania and contracted contract bringing the total death to ten. nearly 13,000 flights are grounded. 4 million people are without power, 1 million of them are in new york. the nyu hospital is without power. emergency response teams are also unable to get to the coney island hospital in brooklyn. and in downtown manhattan workers were trapped inside a power station. subways with shut down from washington to boston. the new york subway could be out of service for a week. the storm has always flooded most of atlantic city sweeping away an entire section of the city's famed board work. and shelters are open across the state. 100
of great energy with these polls that have come out since being a bit of a mixed bag. i'm wondering if you can tell our viewers what is the vealing on the ground? >> it continues to be very exciting. just to follow up on your presentation. all along we have felt confident in virginia because of the grown game. we have a superior ground game. it is the largest we have ever seen in virginia history. it actually surpasses that in 2008. so we feel real good. we are located in every region of virginia and almost every community of the commonwealth. we have personnel, volunteers so we are getting the vote out and we'll deliver on november 6th for the president. >> jennifer: all right. we're counting on you, man, as you know. i know virginia does have a phenomenal organization and all of the 5% of the people who have voted early, do you have any internal information that would lead you to know whether -- what percentage of those are democrats? >> well we do. and it is imprecise because we do not have party registration so we look on the numbers based on what happened in
increase solar and wind energy and eliminate $4 billion in annual tax breaks for oil and gas companies. he's tried to do that, and of course the republicans have blocked it. that's the good. let's show you the bad. the copenhagen summit which so many people had great hopes for that pretty much got nothing done. they had a voluntary agreement--wow. he has basically abandoned cap and trade. no question the republicans fought him on that, but there was no second effort at all. he has approved the southern half of the keystone pipeline and i tell you the minute he's elected--not the minute, i like to be accurate--but when he's re-elected he'll approve the northern half as well. and of course he brags how he has done more drilling than george w. bush. which is true. now here is president obama talking about in the second presidential debate about how great he is at oil drilling. >> obama: we have increased oil production to the highest levels in 16 years. natural gas production is the highest it's been in decades. we have seen increases in coal production. >> romney: more drilling, more permits
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9 (some duplicates have been removed)